Say “I love you” with these 10 Valentine's Gift Ideas

With the day of hearts slowly approaching and a whole lot of love to give, here are our top gift picks for you to choose from to make your loved one feel special.

1. Diamond 1.43

Eternity forever has never been made more sweet and more valuable with this 1.43 carat diamond, famously known as our I Love You diamond because the numerological meaning indicates the letters made to spell out “I love you.”

Specs: 1.43ct Round G VVS2 IDEAL IGI Certified Lab Grown Diamond for ₱139,000

For more loose diamonds options, you can go through them here. Customize your very own numerical significant pieces for your bespoke love story today.

2. Brilyo Moissanite Studs

For a match made in the heavens. Moissanites were first found in a meteorite crater in Arizona, and since have been recreated for the stellar love stories. Known for being the second hardest gemstone next to diamonds, and don’t skimp on quality and beauty. These earrings as gifts match all kinds of outfits; made to last forever.

Comes in 3 different specs: 2ct each (₱170,000), 1.5ct each (sold), and 1ct each (90,000) all in 14k white gold. 

In image: 2.0ct Brilyo Moissanite studs

We also offer diamond studs with everlasting beauty for your one and only. 


2.28tcw (1.14ct each) E VS2 Ideal Lab Diamond Studs for ₱249,000
3.28tcw (1.64ct each) E VVS1 3EX and E VVS2 Ideal Lab Diamond Studs for ₱439,000

3. Diamond Bar Studs

With four round diamond stones carefully bound in gold— a combination of two hearts come together through I love yous. 

Specs: 0.32tcw GH VS diamond bar studs (comes in white gold and yellow gold) for ₱18,500

4. Diamond Halo Necklace

For your angel, baby – a diamond with a halo; a match made in heaven. Nothing beats heavenly bespoke silhouettes like this one.


Specs: 0.64tcw Lab Grown Diamond with Diamond Halo in 14k White Gold for ₱78,000 

5. Spaced Diamond Necklace

Three diamonds to represent your past, present, and future for one another; carrying one another time after time. This necklace holds its diamonds together in a custom gold setting. For a love never ending.


Specs: 0.60tcw FG VS Diamond necklace (3 diamonds, 0.20ct each) for ₱57,000

6. Tennis eternity bracelet


With gemstones that last a lifetime and a clasp fashioned by our expert jewelers made tightly like love inseparable, nothing can compare to this bracelet that is a reminder of an enduring forever with the love of your life. 

Comes in two different diamond sizes and one option in stellar moissanite.

1.925tcw (0.035ct each 55 pieces) Lab Diamond DE VVS Tennis Bracelet in 14k Gold for ₱132,000
4.65tcw (0.11ct each 42 pieces) Lab Diamond (DE VVS-VS) Tennis Bracelet with Enlarger Setting in 14k Gold for ₱238,000
16.5tcw (0.50ct each 33 pieces) Brilyo Moissanite tennis bracelet in 14k Gold for ₱332,000

7. Spaced Diamond Bracelet 

No matter the distance, you are still reminded of your love for one another. This bracelet with evenly spaced diamonds spread across in an infinite loop is for loves that will always come back to one another. 

Specs: 0.99tcw (0.11ct each) 14k Yellow Gold Bracelet for ₱69,000 

8. Moissanite ring 

A cushion cut moissanite, soft and gentle, symbolizes love that's sentimental. A timeless piece, forever dear, a promise of romance year after year. As it comes from the sky, make your partner know your love for them burns with the fire of a thousand stars.  

Specs: 2.0ct cushion Brilyo Moissanite with Diamond Hidden Halo and Half Eternity Pavé Band in 14k White Gold for

9. Diamond ring

The ultimate romantic gesture is to give someone a diamond ring, which stands for love and devotion. Its glistening brilliance and eternal beauty serve as a witness to how much you care for one other and how strong your relationship is. A diamond ring is a gorgeous proclamation of love that will be treasured forever, whether it is used as an engagement ring, promise ring, or simply as a token of affection.

Specs: 1.15ct Round D VS2 3EX IGI-Certified Lab Grown Diamond with Diamond Pavé Band for ₱154,000

10. More gift ideas

Of course, they don’t end here; with a multitude of options to choose from, maybe one of these on-hand pieces have your love story written on it. 

A piece of love for the love of your life. Get them while stock lasts!

To check out, you can contact us here or any of our social media handles like Instagram and Facebook, indicating what piece you want ready for Valentine's Day. 


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