Brilyo Jewelry was founded in the pursuit of excellent jewelry craftsmanship.

We were about to get engaged, but to our dismay, we couldn’t find the perfect jeweler to create our ring. The ring was never crafted the way we envisioned, up until such time that it had been redone so many times that the diamond had lost its luster.

A trip to Australia revealed what had been missing all along: the sophisticated techniques and technology to craft even the most intricate jewelry.

As a result, Brilyo Jewelry was born. With state-of-the-art Australian craftsmanship, it is our mission to help couples and jewelry aficionados create their dream jewelry piece. Using the latest technology available, we have made it possible for you to control even the tiniest detail of your piece.

More than three years into business, we have evolved to be the go-to custom jewelry company, making all kinds of fine jewelry from engagement rings, to necklaces, to even tiaras. We believe that excellent craftsmanship is needed to bring out the true beauty of your gemstone; otherwise, it is like buying the finest silk available but having it sewed wrongly.

Pioneering the curation of high quality gemstones, we offer GIA, IGI, and store-certified fair-mined earth mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds, and our own brand of Brilyo Moissanites. We believe that quality is king, offering only the finest gemstones worth your investment. We also offer other precious and semi-precious gemstones for your choosing.

At the end of the day, we believe that excellently made jewelry pieces are the core of immortalizing life’s most special moments. What better way to remember them than with something that would last forever, too?

We would love to be part of your special moments! Finding your perfect jewelry piece is just a message away.

Lots of love,
Julius and Betina Lagman