Welcome to Brilyo Jewelry! We are dedicated to making your dream jewelry piece come true. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional bespoke service, making sure that every aspect of your jewelry piece is exactly how you want it to be.
Our story started when we were searching for an engagement ring as a couple. We had a design that we really wanted, but we had to have the ring redone four times to achieve the ring that we envisioned.
Because of this experience, Brilyo Jewelry was born. It has been our mission to help other couples fulfill their dream rings. We now make use of the latest technology making it possible for you to control even the tiniest detail of your ring.
Now, Brilyo Jewelry has evolved to be the go-to custom jewelry company making all kinds of fine jewelry from rings to necklaces, to tiaras. We also pioneered in offering lab grown diamonds to the Philippine market as well as our own brand of premium quality moissanites, providing more options for our clients aside from earth mined diamonds and other precious gemstones.
We would love to be part of your special moments! If you need help in finding you your perfect jewelry piece, please don't hesitate to send us a message.
Lots of love,
Julius and Betina