5 Reasons You Should Customize Your Own Jewelry

With the growing number of ready-made jewelry to wear, the essence of personalization is slowly becoming lost. But why create custom jewelry? The art’s charm is timeless, and below we will list down some advantages that come with your very own bespoke piece.

1. Everything is tailor fit

Tailor-fitting jewelry comes with a tailored service to craft pieces according to your tastes and desires.

For example, you can choose diamond shapes made to enhance your features (i.e. oval cut diamonds having the natural ability to make fingers look slender). Computer-aided design (CAD) models can also predict how certain rings look like when stacked with one another. 

Two rings sitting flush in a CAD Model

Metals, too, look different from individual to individual, and may also react differently to skin, so in collaboration with our Jewelry Experts you get to narrow down which type of metal looks, feels, and is best suited for you. These are just a few of the many ways you can create jewelry tailored to your preferences.

2. Quality that lasts centuries

Because custom jewelry tends to be more personalized, many craft these so they can last beyond their lifetimes, serving as an heirloom to be passed down for centuries. This can be in the form of a family ring that represents members of loved ones. 

Custom Elle and Custom Cedric with engraving


Engagement rings can also be given to your children as a reminder of the love you have for your spouse. 


A custom Celeste engagement ring

3. You can add personal touches

One way that people leave their mark in this world is through iconic jewelry pieces. Every Miss Universe has a crown custom made for the year they’ve won, just like Catriona Gray’s iconic Mikimoto crown. And nobody will ever forget Chris Evert who popularized the concept of the “tennis bracelet” today! 



In fact, some iconic stars like Rei Germar have her own bespoke tennis bracelet and ring made just for her.


Rei Germar's vlog where she shares her bespoke pieces and other special birthday presents

Personal touches like their iconic design have made people’s jewelry pieces unique. Some ways people add some personality to their pieces is through designs like inlays, engravings, and monograms. 

Many people draw their own designs, or get from Pinterest boards to replicate or tweak. 


 A wedding ring with a customized "Lord of the Rings" engraving

The art of ring design is flourishing, dating back to the year 850 according to  the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This began when Pope Nicholas I stated that rings were a man’s declaration of love to a woman, changing the world with a desire for rings.

Today rings have many unique touches, like hidden features, halos, and even custom prongs. 


A ring with custom petal prongs made to look like an "F" 


With different types of diamonds with their own characteristics, gemstones with a specific shimmer, and different metals made by design, the possibilities are endless!

4. A decision you will never regret

Because everything is customized by you, you will know that each design has a purpose made for you! You can be happy knowing that each design aspect of your jewelry piece is meaningful, and in a design you love. 

5. An experience worth trying

You get to create wonderful memories by customizing jewelry with your loved ones. One popular example is family jewelry, where clients come together to build pieces that represent their loved ones. 

You can even craft your engagement ring with your soon-to-be fiance. Brilyo Jewelry founders actually did this, which is what inspired them to create their own jewelry company in the first place.


And if you're simply looking for a jewelry piece for yourself, Kryz Uy shows why a personalized custom piece tailored to your tastes is such a great form of self-love as well.

Because of all the special allure associated with custom jewelry, it has no doubt been the go-to enjoyable experience for many of our clients who choose to have something specially made.

As our client Kisses said, "[With Brilyo's custom jewelry service,] they create a masterpiece that will mark a special memory to a person/couple. People say that diamonds last forever, so I guess choose the right place to get your custom jewelry that will give an unforgettable moment to someone’s life."

Image from our Brilyo Bride, Kisses

In short, custom jewelry is tailor fit with quality and personal touches that lasts centuries. It is a decision you'll never forget, and an experience worth trying. Create your very own bespoke jewelry today with us. Contact us today to get started.