I Let My Soon To Be Fiance Choose Her Own Engagement Ring

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. But for their future fiance, the story might be a little bit different. When buying an engagement ring, you’ll naturally have a lot of questions – what’s the best quality diamond? How should I design it? How much will it cost? These are just some of the common questions partners ask.

"Purchases that last a lifetime, like engagement rings, require a lot of thought. Not only are they a symbol of your enduring love, they are also an investment that will be passed on from generation to generation."

Since proposals are one of the most special moments in a couple’s journey, it’s important to purchase a ring your partner would wear for the rest of their life. One they’ll love forever.
One way to make sure that happens?
Let your partner choose her engagement ring!

A selfie from our Brilyo Bride, who also chose her own engagement ring

As of 2019, 37% of women report picking their own engagement ring. Even here in Brilyo Jewelry, most of our clients are women! If not, their partners order a ring that their lover already showed them from our page.
Modern times have made this the new norm, so to make sure your partner gets the engagement ring she desires, why not involve her in the process?
Below are some of the advantages that come with deciding the ring together:

It lessens your stress

With so many options to pick from, buying the perfect one can be a stressful process.
You have to make sure it’s a ring your partner will truly love - from the gemstone shape to the band color. When you shop for an engagement ring with your partner and openly discuss which designs she’ll love, it narrows down your options and helps you purchase a ring that she will definitely love forever. 
Involving your partner in the decision of their ring is not a sign of weakness, but shows that you care about their preferences. After all, they will wear it for the rest of their life!

It's practical

Purchases that last a lifetime like engagement rings require a lot of thought. Not only are they a symbol of your enduring love, they are also an investment that will be passed on from generation to generation. Purchases like these require careful selection of what is best for each couple. 
Diamond rings are also a great investment, especially if it is one that is graded by laboratories like GIA or IGI that certify its quality. If for some reason you decide to sell your engagement ring in the future (i.e. you’re upgrading), this could be something worth noting.

It becomes a meaningful, memorable experience together

Picking out a ring shows just how beautifully different and similar you are with your partner. In learning more about their ideal design, you get to learn more about the person you love!
What may seem like small design choices such as hidden features or paves may mean an entire world of difference between a good ring and the best ring.
It’s also important that your ring is well-made, as the quality of the craftsmanship will directly affect the sparkle of your diamond. Here at Brilyo Jewelry, we offer expert Australian craftsmanship for all our jewelry pieces, and carefully curated gemstones to ensure that your ring will sparkle for a lifetime and more.
If you let your partner choose her engagement ring, proposing will be worry-free. When you finally get down on one knee, you don’t need to think if your soon-to-be fiance will love her ring or not. You can just focus on the moment, and savor the forever that is finally beginning.
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