5 Popular Engagement Ring Settings

The two elements that have the greatest aesthetic influence on your ring: the diamond and the setting. The former is a subject on which the majority of women have opinions long before the question "Will you marry me?" has even been asked. You may not have made your mind up about the setting, though.

The setting of an engagement ring refers to the complete ring design. It is the method by which the ring's gemstones are mounted, or maintained in place. This is important as it can greatly change your ring’s design and aesthetic. 

Your ring may be made to look modern, sporty, classic, or vintage depending on your setting, so it's crucial to know what appeals to your tastes the most.

Here are 5 of the most classic settings.

Solitaire Setting


Classic, elegant, timeless. Solitaire rings never go out of style because of their universal design and beauty which features only your gemstone of choice. This design brings out the best of your gem. Loved by many, coveted for its beauty.

Solitaire rings provide for the most light exposure, giving the center stone the most shine possible. It is a simple, classic ring setting that complements practically all wedding rings, hands, and diamond shapes.

Pavé Setting

Because a pavé ring resembles a road covered in tiny stones, the name of this setting directly translates from the French term "paved." The band of these rings, often referred to as bead settings, is covered in a row of precious stones. This makes the entire ring sparkle continuously along the wearer's finger, drawing attention to it.


A pavé setting turns a plain band into something very remarkable. After an anniversary or other significant marriage event, many people choose to enhance their engagement rings with pavé. It also makes for a great engagement ring because of its classic and versatile design.

Because the band of a pavé ring has diamonds placed into it, sizing it can be more difficult than with a plain band. This is especially the case for full eternity pavé bands.

Moreover, engagement rings with such tiny diamonds may need additional upkeep. Compared to wearing a solitaire ring, you might need to make more visits to the jeweler for cleanings and inspections.

Other side stone designs have smaller cluster side stones like the Aurelia and Aliana rings. 

Halo Setting


A bigger center stone is encircled by a halo of smaller accent diamonds in a ring with this design. A single halo, two (or more) halos, or a distinctive floral or scalloped design are just a few examples of the many different halo settings that are available.

One of the finest ways to get extra bling for your money is with a halo. This kind of setting creates the appearance of a larger center stone. The accent stones also add texture and dimension to your center gemstone for extra sparkle. 

Finding a wedding band that fits snugly next to the engagement ring can be more challenging if the halo is low set. A ring with a higher-set diamond and surrounding halo is what you should search for if you are fixated on having a halo but want to avoid this problem.

Three-stone (Trilogy) Setting

The two smaller side stones, which may be diamonds or other precious stones, are positioned either side of the central diamond in this setting.


The three-stone ring setting gives more creative freedom due to the large volume of stones it permits. Beautiful additions to this multiple-stone arrangement include sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. Three-stone rings are thought to represent a couple's history, present, and future. 

If you want the center diamond to exactly match the two accent diamonds, we recommend choosing one with a better color or clarity.

Hidden features


Hidden features create a unique brilliance and brings out the personality of a ring through design details like hidden halos, underside pavés, and other adorned galleries. They gleam, add meaning, and are a feature of a jeweler's custom experience. The attention to details that last a lifetime.

They are for the understated lover with a surprise sparkle hiding underneath their center gemstone. 


Special Mention!

A bezel setting snugly encircles the center gemstone in a metal rim that totally or partially covers its sides.


This design is perfect for anyone with a very active lifestyle or career (such as nurses, doctors, or gym goers) because of the security the setting gives to the gemstone. It is also well-liked because of its contemporary, minimalist design. The straightforward placement gives the gem a flawlessly smooth edge and makes it incredibly secure.

For the same visual effect as a prong setting, you would need to spend more money on a larger diamond because bezels cover more of the diamond's girdle and sides.

Choosing the best option for you

Ultimately, these designs are more popularized and classic, but the sky’s the limit in the creation of the setting of your own ring. After all, this is a choice of a lifetime.

In Brilyo, we help you decide by giving you options that best fit your lifestyle and needs. Feel free to book an appointment with us through our different social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram, or email us here so we can find the best ring setting for you.