5 Tips to Find the Best Diamond Shape for Your Hand

Your personal tastes, budget, and the shape of your finger all play a role in determining the ideal diamond size for your finger and engagement ring. While selecting the ideal diamond size, take the following factors into account:

1. Set a budget. It's important to do this before you start looking for diamonds. Diamond prices can range from tens of thousands to over a million pesos, so deciding on your budget in advance is important.

2. A diamond's appearance on your hand may be influenced by the size and shape of your finger. Having small fingers might make a huge diamond seem overwhelming. On the other hand, long, thin fingers can look good with bigger diamonds.


Oval engagement ring on curvaceous finger

For more plump and curvaceous fingers, center stones with elongated forms, such as oval, marquise, emerald, or pear, look best. The marquise and pear cuts' pointed edges will give your ring's overall appearance an attractive, elegant feel from the illusion of length the diamond brings.


Heart center stone on slender fingers

Svelte, slender fingers usually look best with pears, marquise, and oval-shaped diamonds that bring out the best of their shape. Generally though, people with slender fingers can wear all kinds of diamond shapes including the growing-favorites: the heart & princess cut.


Pear stone engagement ring on short fingers

For shorter fingers, it’s best to have elongated center stones that draw imaginary vertical lines upwards, making fingers look longer. Examples of these are ovals, radiants, and pears. 


Cushion cut diamond ring on squared fingers

A squared hand shape has to be rounded out to bring softness and delicateness, so rounds, ovals, pears, and cushions are the go-to shape. 

When in doubt, buy rounds! They go well with any hand and are a classic shape that has stood the test of time for centuries. Their silhouette is coveted and ever-sought after.

3. Try on different carat sizes: When describing the size of a diamond, the term "carat size" refers to the diamond's weight. To determine which carat size looks best on your finger, it is essential to try on a variety of sizes.

You can also watch our reel, which shows round diamonds in different carat and ring sizes:


4. Choose the proper setting: The diamond's setting has an effect on how it appears on your finger. Your finger may appear longer or shorter depending on how the diamond is positioned. Usually, the more metal obstructing light from bouncing off a diamond would make it look smaller.

Be sure to experiment with several settings to choose which one you like best.

Vera ring; high vs. low setting 

5. Consider additional characteristics, including the diamond's color, cut, and clarity, (4Cs)  which may have an impact on how it appears. A colorless D diamond may appear larger than one with a faint yellow K-M or lower color grade, but a well-cut diamond will reflect light and sparkle more. 

Deciding on the ideal diamond size for your finger is a subjective choice based on your particular preferences and sense of style. Before settling on a choice, make sure to take your time and try on various possibilities. 

If you’re still feeling unsure, you can book an appointment with us and try on our jewelry samples to find the best choice for you! Our jewelry experts will help empower your choice by recommending rings based on your personal preference and hand appearance. 

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