Your favorite Brilyo rings in 2022

We saw your love stories. We’ve seen you bend down on one knee in more places than we can count. Have eyes turn ‘round the corner. Had people dazzled by you. Had memories made . . .

All of these moments were made special with our collaborative bespoke pieces. It just so happens that some designs made it into your hearts more often this year. Here are your favorite Brilyo rings in 2022!

Cluster Diamonds

Time in and time out, many of you fell in love with this timeless glimmer for your own ring because it hugs the top of your finger and the center stone in glitter. Our in-house Aurelia inspired this design that mimics a thousand stars' glint.

We’re here to support you in all the ways you decide to customize your sparkle. In different settings and in different gemstone cuts, many of you have found your way to make this design your own.


Speaking of glimmer, many of you wanted an all-around sparkle achieved by a ring with a full-eternity band. Our in-house Nyla has become a staple this year, and it’s no surprise! With the rise of minimalism and understated luxury, this ring showcases diamonds in its band, yet brings out the best of a center gemstone’s shimmer. 

At the heart of this ring is its coveted hidden halo; the signature that sets this ring apart from other designs. People have personalized this ring with their own band thickness, choice of metal, and even gemstone cuts 


A design for modern love stories, alternating round and marquise pavé is what makes our Vera special. Its delicately arranged stones secured onto its band is an ode to our expert craftsmanship. This design lends itself to so many variations, with different sized gemstones, settings, choice of cut for pavé and side stones, and metal choice. 

Our clients in particular love customizing the Vera to have different center stone shapes and band colors (for instance, take a look at these Vera rings: one in white gold with a round gemstone, one in rose gold with an elongated cushion Brilyo Moissanite, one in yellow gold with a heart-shaped diamond, and one with rubies side stones).


Standing the test of time is our Ava. Ava’s gemstone is neatly bunched with ribbons of pavé diamonds and slim metal bands like a bouquet made for one’s finger, becoming a staple design choice. Many people have customized the gemstone details beneath the prongs and even changed the gemstones on the bands themselves.

The coiling metal is especially reminiscent of the twisting of the eternity symbol adorned in a diamond pavé. It’s everything one might want as a symbol of love's enduring promise. 


The latest addition to our jewelry sets is our alternating round and marquise wedding band Amber! Though a recent design, it’s become well-received and has found its place in many weddings. 

Its design brings us back to the earth, where leaves sprout from the ground, and everything moves in perfect symmetry. The first is our original in-house design next to the petite variation, the second and fourth are customized with colored gemstones, and the third is customized with more round diamonds.


Of course, we aren’t going to leave out the men in the room because they have their own favorite ring design for the year! 

A classic wedding band with modern details. The Cedric is brazenly finished inside to showcase its polished, beveled edges and rounded inside edge that cushions the finger in all the right places. Sleek. Comfortable. Elegant. Your men’s band favorite for the year.

We are excited to see your love translated into beautiful pieces in the years to come, as we look forward to being part of your love stories in 2023! Book an appointment today to create your own signature engagement ring.