6 Tips on Traveling With Your Jewelry



Packing for a trip can be a hard and time-consuming task. It can also be especially stressful when dealing with items of high value such as your electronic devices and of course, expensive jewelry.

Jewelry, unlike your clothes and shoes, can't simply be tossed around in the check-in luggage without much thought. Instead, here’s how we recommend you go about traveling with your valuable pieces.

Wear your jewelry

First, when flying on a plane, we suggest wearing your jewelry. Wearing them always ensures that you have some form of contact with your valuable pieces. By doing so you’ll be able to tell when a piece is missing, either by contact or visually.



Place them in your carry-on

If you prefer not to wear your pieces, keeping them properly stashed away in your carry-on is your next best bet. Always lock your bags as well, especially on long flights, all while placing said bags in the overhead compartment directly above your head or under the seat in front of you. 

Locking your bags adds another level of security, preventing theft and allowing you to be much more relaxed, especially when you want to use the restroom or take a nap.

Avoid placing them in your checked-in luggage at all costs as it poses a greater threat of them being mismanaged

Invest in a jewelry travel case

If you're bringing multiple jewelry pieces, make sure to place them in a jewelry travel case, and separate each piece in their respective complimentary jewelry pouch

You may also use resealable pouches or ziplock bags to keep your jewelries from scratching against each other. 



If you are bringing multiple necklaces, lay all your necklaces separately in their own container, or invest in a jewelry case with better compartmentalization to avoid any possibility of entanglement. 

If you’re short on time, straws can come in handy as well: slide each individual necklace into a straw from one end to the other!

Bring safer alternatives

Next, consider bringing alternatives, especially for pieces that are highly valuable like your engagement ring, wedding band, or heirloom jewelry. You would not want these valuable items to easily get lost or attract the wrong kind of attention. 



For example, many couples get moissanite versions of their diamond rings that they use for everyday wear or when they’re traveling. 

Though this may seem costly, it comes with great assurance knowing your most valuable pieces are under the protection of your own home. You’re on a holiday; the less stress, the better.

Purchase jewelry insurance

Consider getting insurance for high-value pieces; traveling with the security that your high-end jewelry is financially protected in case of loss, theft, or damage adds a priceless sense of assurance. 

To ensure your insurance claims go smoothly in any unfortunate event, take pictures beforehand; visual documentation can go a long way in supporting your claims and aiding identification. 

Slender hand holding an engagement ring at the tip of fingers. The holder has light pink nails and the engagement ring features a solitaire design with a round colorless diamond at least 1.5 carats. It is being held on top of a jewelry box with a variety of ring designsl.

It’s important to note that most standard travel insurance have an upper limit in which you’re able to claim regarding the total valuation of your lost goods. Of course, this depends on the travel insurance policy which you’ve purchased. 

If the amount you’re traveling with exceeds the upper limit of most standard travel insurances, it’s better to invest in a dedicated jewelry insurance policy.

Be minimalistic

Lastly, don’t take too much with you. It is best to keep your jewelry minimal and inexpensive to avoid unnecessary stress on your trips. After all, you are going on a vacation to relax.

A tan-skinned woman with black medium length hair wears a yellow gold solitaire necklace with a round diamond that falls in between her collarbones. Her hand rests below her right collarbone, with the ring finger adorned with a round solitaire diamond engagement ring stacked flush with the Fern wedding band (a design inspired by nature characterized by round and marquise diamonds).

Remove any excess pieces you don't intend on wearing during the trip as well. This removes clutter while always ensuring the pieces you brought are always on hand whilst trotting the globe. 

This tip is especially made easy if you’re able to plan outfits that go well with your jewelry beforehand, or if you bring versatile clothes that effortlessly match with your pieces.

Slender hands with a mole on the left hold a jewelry box that encase 1.0ct each diamond studs with petal prongs. The ring finger of the frontmost hand wears a diamond solitaire ring at least 1.0ct big with the Florianne wedding ring (characterized by a shared prong wedding band with 9 small diamonds). On the right hand, the model wears a tennis bracelet.

It’s best to leave accessories that are too sentimental or valuable as well to avoid the risk of them being damaged or lost.

Traveling with jewelry can be a stressful task with many precautionary steps required, but it’ll all be worth it as you strut the world with pieces you hold dear to you.

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