Prong Shapes for Your Love Story

A prong setting is a popular way to secure a diamond or other precious stone in a piece of jewelry. Prongs are tiny metal claws that hold the stone in place, and they can come in various shapes and sizes. 

The shape of the prongs can not only affect the overall appearance of the piece but also impact its durability and level of protection for the stone. Each shape has its unique features and can convey different meanings and emotions in a piece of jewelry. 


Claw prongs resemble tiny arrows pointing towards the center stone, symbolizing a focused and precise love. It can represent the idea of two people coming together as one, with each prong representing a different aspect of their relationship.

The pointed prongs can also create a stunning visual effect, as they draw attention to the center stone and create a sense of depth and dimensionality through the diamond’s cut. This can represent the depth of the couple's love and the many layers that make up their relationship.

Petite Claw

A petite prong setting is delicate and refined, with small prongs holding a dainty gemstone or diamond. It is perfect for someone who loves understated beauty and a timeless look.


For couples who delicately cherish small moments and pay attention to details; it symbolizes a commitment to nurturing and protecting the relationship, just as the prongs hold the precious gemstone securely in place.

A petite prong setting can also represent the beauty of simplicity and the idea that sometimes less is more. It is a perfect choice for someone who values subtlety and grace over showiness and extravagance.


A round prong shape setting is a classic and timeless choice for a romantic piece of jewelry. The smooth and curved prongs hold the center stone in place, showcasing its beauty and brilliance. The circular shape of the prongs adds a touch of elegance to the piece, making it perfect for any romantic occasion.


It symbolizes the idea of harmony, balance, and completion in a relationship. It can represent the importance of finding a partner who complements and enhances your own strengths and qualities.

The rounded shape of the prongs can also signify protection and security. The prongs gently cradle the diamond, holding it in place and keeping it safe, yet brings out clarity, much like how a loving partner protects and supports their significant other.


A squared prong shape is a contemporary design that infuses traditional jewelry silhouettes with modern elegance. The bold and striking lines of the prongs give the ring a powerful appearance, yet it remains timeless. This can be seen in the prongs that secure the emerald-shaped diamonds of these earrings.


It conveys a sense of strength and dependability, symbolizing the idea of two individuals coming together and supporting each other through the highs and lows of life. The sharp angles of the prongs also represent the significance of transparency and sincerity in a relationship.

Furthermore, the squared prong shape can make the diamond seem larger than it is, adding a touch of luxury and glamor to the ring. This is a romantic reminder of the preciousness and worth of the love shared between two people.


With two prongs holding the diamond securely in place, double prongs create a distinctive look that stands out from traditional settings.

Its shape represents two people coming together in a strong and secure union; a couple who supports and holds each other up through all of life's challenges.

The double prongs also allow for more light to enter the diamond, enhancing its sparkle and brilliance. This can be seen as a metaphor for the light and joy that a loving relationship can bring into one's life.


The V-prong setting is a perfect match. As the prongs gently embrace the center stone, they form a graceful and elegant V-shape, symbolizing the strength and unity of your love. 

Just as the prongs hold the stone securely in place, your love will hold you and your partner together through all of life's adventures. And just like the way the light’s color dances and sparkles off the diamond, your love will shine and radiate for all the world to see.

Custom Prongs

Your love is one-of-a-kind, just like this custom prong setting made in the likeness of cat ears. 

Crafted to hold your precious center stone, each prong is a testament to the care and attention to detail that went into its creation, just as your love is a result of the love and dedication you have put into your relationship. 

And just as the design of the prongs accentuates the unique beauty of your center stone, your love enhances and celebrates the individual qualities that make your partner so special. A custom prong setting is a symbol of the singular and enduring love that you share.


Choosing the right prong shape can be a significant decision, particularly when it comes to engagement rings or other sentimental jewelry items. It is essential to consider the style, durability, and overall aesthetic when selecting a prong shape for your jewelry.

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