Parts of An Engagement Ring

There are numerous, interchangeable parts of an engagement ring which can make identifying its parts much more confusing. This article will go through the fundamental parts of an engagement ring as well as other aspects to look out for.

Fundamental Parts

Center Stone: The center stone of an engagement ring is usually a diamond or other gemstone like moissanite. In multi-stone rings, it is frequently the largest stone as well. There are a variety of center stone shapes, the most classic being rounds, and other shapes like ovals, emerald cuts, pears, and cushion shaped to name a few. 

Setting: A setting essentially consists of everything but the main stone. There are various styles of engagement ring settings available, such as solitaire, halo, and three-stone settings, each of which highlights the center stone in a distinctive way.

Head: The center stone is secured in place by this component of the engagement ring. This means that the center stone, prongs, and gallery are often included in the head. Some head styles utilize metal around the stone (bezel), while others use prongs.

Prongs: These tiny metal tips that hold a diamond or gemstone in place have a variety of shapes. For instance, beaded prongs are circular, whereas claw-like prongs have pointed ends. All gemstone jewelry have prongs because these metal tips allow the most light to reach the diamond from all directions, with the exception of the bezel setting that has a ring of metal that holds the gemstone in place.

Gallery: This term refers to the area of an engagement ring below the center stone. It provides support for the head and also serves as a space for additional stones and designs.

Shank: This is simply another term for the engagement ring band (the part that wraps around your finger). Shanks are usually made of solid metal, but some are lined with diamonds/gemstones, creating eternity rings.

Hallmarks: These are little symbols that you might see on the inside of your engagement ring, and they indicate the quality of the precious metal. The markings typically provide information about the type of metal (e.g. 14k and 18k for gold, 950P for platinum).

Sizing Area: This is the area of the ring, typically located at the bottom section of the band, where metal can be cut or added to adjust the size.

Other design aspects

Side and Accent Stones: On either side of the central stone are smaller diamonds or gemstones. Side stones may come in a variety of forms, and are frequently positioned in such a way that highlights the center stone. Some rings have bands completely covered in accent stones, similar to eternity bands.

Halo: A diamond or gemstone is encircled with smaller stones to make the center gem appear larger. Due to their flawless symmetry, round cut gemstones are frequently selected, but this design also looks great with other diamond shapes, such as oval, pear, and princess cuts.

Shoulder: If the head is the highest point on a ring, think of the shoulder as the part that connects the head with the ring band. Notice the slanted sides that usually extend a little higher than the rest of the band. A ring’s shoulders are often decorated with an extra accent/smaller diamonds for an added layer of beauty.

Hidden Features: These are design aspects that are located underneath the center stone, usually on the head of an engagement ring. These include hidden halos, underside pavés, and adorned galleries. 

Bridge: Between the base of the head and the tip of your finger is where this portion of the ring is located. It serves as a place for additional stones and designs in addition to supporting the head.

An engagement ring for you

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