7 Ways to Drop A Hint - And Get Your Perfect Engagement Ring

Choosing an engagement ring is a significant step in any relationship. While some couples shop for the ring together, you may want yours to be a surprise. If you have a specific design in mind, dropping subtle hints can help guide your partner towards finding the perfect ring. 

Read on to learn creative and thoughtful ways to hint your preferred engagement ring to your partner. Ensure that they have a better idea of your desired design without spoiling the surprise.

Share Inspiration

Start by casually discussing jewelry or engagement rings with your partner. Browse magazines, visit jewelry stores together, or share images of rings that catch your eye. Look at rings on Instagram or Pinterest, and send them to your partner with a playful message like "Wow this is so nice!"

Window Shopping

Suggest taking a leisurely stroll past a jewelry store during a date. Show them the rings in the display window and express your admiration for certain styles and gemstones. Point out rings that you find intriguing or mention your preference for certain gemstones or settings. Remember, it's important to keep the conversation light and avoid pressuring your partner.


Social Media Engagement

Engage with social media posts or follow jewelry brands that showcase engagement rings. Like and comment on posts featuring rings that align with your desired design. You can even share it in your stories! This subtle interaction can give your partner a gentle nudge towards the styles and features you appreciate.


Conversations with Friends

Casually chat about engagement rings with your friends or family members when your partner is around. Mention any unique designs or details that you find appealing. By involving others in the discussion, your partner may gain insights into your preferences.


Your partner’s best friends are your best bets in finding out what they like! Encourage your partner to ask your friend for advice on choosing a ring, giving your friend the opportunity to guide them towards your preferred style.

Subtle Compliments

Whenever you come across someone wearing an engagement ring that resembles your desired design, make a positive remark. Mention how much you love the ring's shape, the choice of gemstone, or the delicate details. These subtle compliments can hint at your preferences without explicitly stating them.


Family Heirlooms

If your family has a cherished heirloom ring or a piece of jewelry with sentimental value, consider sharing the story behind it with your partner. Talk about the aspects you find meaningful or the features you appreciate in that particular piece. This can provide valuable insight into your preferred style.



Tell Them Directly

Sometimes the best way to stop beating around the bush is by being forward with what you want. So many modern couples do! As of 2019, 37% of women report picking their own engagement ring. 

In fact, Brilyo Jewelry’s CEO Betina chose her engagement ring design with the help of her now-husband Julius and are both happily married. 


Hinting at your desired engagement ring design can be an exciting way to help your partner choose a ring that reflects your personal style! Remember to keep your hints subtle, lighthearted, and respectful of your partner's preferences and budget. 

Effective communication and understanding are key to ensuring that the engagement ring you receive is everything you've ever dreamed of.


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