3 Ways Our Clients Customized the Nyla Diamond Ring

In the realm of eternal elegance, the Nyla ring design has rivaled the stars with its shimmering pavé band and hidden halo. As time gracefully flowed, so too did your taste in customization, making it possible for dozens of ring designs to come out from your favorite engagement ring silhouette. 

The Nyla boasts a central gem embraced by a hidden halo and pavé diamonds on a slender band, displaying a radiant sparkle from all sides. It beautifully highlights the essence of diamonds, showcasing their ability to shimmer effortlessly.

Here were some of your favorite ways to customize this ring design:

1. Channel Setting: Embracing Subtle Grandeur

The channel setting offers a touch of sophistication for those with an eye for refined beauty. This custom design features an unbroken line of diamonds, symbolizing an enduring connection. 

The seamless, channel-set diamonds create a discreet sparkle, echoing the quiet, lasting bond between two hearts.

This ring is also customized to have colored gemstones at the end of the pavé. 

2. U-Prong: Graceful Timelessness


The U-prong setting merges timeless elegance with a contemporary twist. This design delicately cradles the central gem that showcases larger-than-usual diamonds compared to other settings, allowing it to bask in a gentle glow. With it comes a dreamy surprise with Nyla's signature hidden halo.

Its graceful curves and enduring appeal make it a choice that speaks of a harmonious bond, representing the effortless connection between kindred spirits.

3. Basket Setting: Love, Captured and Treasured


Much like the Nyla's slender band, the basket setting exudes understated charm. The addition of a basket or metal band between the prongs adds security to the central gemstone, making this design convey the strength of love, encapsulated and treasured for a lifetime.

4. Six Prongs: Signifying Security and Dedication

The 6-prong setting, a timeless choice, embodies security and unwavering dedication. Similar to the Nyla's original 4-prong design, the 6-prong tenderly embraces a diamond, ensuring its safety and brilliance without hindering its sparkle. It also adds dimension as it makes any gemstone look rounder.

5. Classic Setting: Timeless Splendor, Unfading Connection

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Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes. The classic Nyla setting, with its clean lines and traditional charm, captures the essence of an enduring bond. Like the Nyla's glimmering facets, this design showcases the beauty of the central stone without distractions. 

It is a testament to the timeless relationship shared between two hearts, a love story that continues to unfold beautifully.

Let our experts guide you in crafting a ring that encapsulates your love story; making precious details for precious moments.

Customize your rings with us today with your favorite designs. We also have a jewelry collection online, and in our showroom at 7F Avire Tower, Quezon City. We welcome you every day from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Kindly note that our showroom is closed on Thursdays and Sundays.