3 Engagement Ring Trends of 2024

​​As we step out of the New Years’ celebrations and into 2024, we are witnessing a new evolution that reflects the changing preferences of modern couples through engagement rings.

In this article, we explore three captivating engagement ring trends that are set to dominate in 2024.

1. The Rise of Joint Decision-Making

In 2024, a significant shift has been observed in how couples approach the selection of engagement rings. Unlike traditional norms, where the proposal often involves an element of surprise with one partner selecting the ring for the other, contemporary couples are opting for a more collaborative approach. 

This trend, particularly popular among younger couples such as Gen Z, sees them actively participating in choosing the perfect ring together. With the rise of empowering women, and making more financially-sound choices more so today than ever before, this trend makes it at the top of this list. 


Some benefits that this trend comes with are the creation of engagement rings tailored to the personality of their wearer and lessened expenses on resizing and replacing the ring altogether. Choosing a ring together ensures the ring that caters to the bride’s lifestyle and allows a couple to bond through the process. 

2. Multi-Stone for Generations to Come

Building on the momentum gained in 2023, engagement rings adorned with multiple stones and gemstones continue to capture the hearts of couples in 2024. 

The trend, made popular by the resurgence of the toi et moi design, is expected to maintain its stronghold in the coming year. Examples include yes, and? singer Ariana Grande’s ring that features an oval cut paired with a pearl from her grandfather’s tie-pin, and Jackie Kennedy’s Van Cleef & Arpels ring with an emerald and diamond crested with marquise cut diamonds. 


Photos from Vogue France (left: Ariana Grande’s, right: Jackie Kennedy’s)


The appeal of multiple stones lies in the opportunity they provide for couples to make a bold and expressive statement through their choice of design.

Variations such as the classic three-stone setting and the avant-garde clustered side stones, often referred to as the "Serena" style in Brilyo, are gaining traction. This is due to the evolving preferences of couples who are eager to showcase their unique bond through personalized design choices.


3. Shaping the Future with Fancy Diamonds

While the timeless round-cut diamond maintains its popularity, 2024 witnesses a growing interest with fancy shaped diamonds. Couples are increasingly drawn to shapes such as ovals, emeralds, and radiants.


The charm of fancy shaped diamonds lies in their ability to stand out and make a statement. This departure from the norm signifies a broader shift towards embracing diversity and uniqueness in the world of engagement rings.


The engagement ring trends of 2024 reflect a departure from convention, emphasizing personalization, bold statements, and individual expression. 


Couples are increasingly choosing to embark on the journey towards marriage hand in hand, actively participating in the selection of a symbol that encapsulates their love story. 

As we embrace these evolving trends, the world of engagement rings continues to be a canvas for creativity, personal expression, and the celebration of love in all its diverse forms.

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